Strengthening The Nation Through Financial Inclusion

At Cargills (Ceylon) PLC, we have always believed that the key to strengthening the nation lies in uplifting the livelihoods of our people in rural areas. Through Cargills Bank we strive to give access through technology to the unbanked and strengthen the nation through financial inclusion. We continue to firmly believe that our nation has always been an agrarian society which has found fortune in agriculture.

Our Belief is Embodied in Our Logo

The Cargills Banks logo portrays the prosperity of agriculture in Sri Lanka, symbolized by an ear of paddy. The upward movement of the logo depicts prosperity and growth while the shades of red and orange depict a bright future. A closer look brings into view three people standing behind one another. This is symbolic of the nature of the human spirit where we believe that individual success is built on community and support, of which Cargills Bank is also a part of. Our tagline "Banking on the Human Spirit" personifies our philosophy and unerring belief in the resolve of the human spirit, in the quest to strive for success.

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