A country-wide success story

"We propose that a case study be developed about Cargills which highlights the information supply and technical support networks which have been developed to benefit smallholders, consumers and Cargills alike. Special attention will be given to the multiplier impact that Cargills has had on the broader agricultural sector in Sri Lanka. Lessons will be drawn from this country-wide success story for the benefit of private and public sector initiatives in both South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Source: Building Pathways out of Rural Poverty through Investments in Agricultural Information Systems, February 2008, WorldAgInfo Project Final Report, Project funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and implemented by A.R. Mann Library, Cornell University

The biggest producer and retailer of food in Sri Lanka

"Another example of a leap-of-faith goal comes from Cargills Ceylon PLC, the biggest producer and retailer of food in Sri Lanka. Under the leadership of CEO Ranjit Page, Cargills has embarked over the last decade on an innovative approach to building up the capacity and profitability of the farming community in Sri Lanka."

Source: Reinventing Management: Chapter 5, Julian Berkinshaw, London Business School, August 2012

One of the more successful firms in partnering with smallholder farmers

"The model pioneered by Cargills (Ceylon) Limited in Sri Lanka deserves further study, as it may be one of the more successful firms in partnering with smallholder farmers, and also trains professionals in the modern food business."

Source: Supermarkets and beyond, D. Tschirley, Michigan State University, August 2007

These CSR efforts benefit rural communities, as much as they help the company to improve its competitive context

"Cargills Food City, a chain of supermarkets in Sri Lanka, improves its competitive context by working closely with farmer communities that supply fruits, vegetables, spices, and rice to the chain. It typically pays 20% more than the market does, and importantly, guarantees a minimum, threshold price in order to cushion downward price movements in the market. Process inputs such as drip irrigation systems and collection centers are provided by Food City. Moreover, it underwrites loans granted by banks, and facilitates collaborative arrangements a number of NGOs have with the farmers, in setting up cleaning and packaging centers. Clearly, these CSR efforts benefit rural communities, as much as they help the company to improve its competitive context."

Source: Strategy and Society: From CSR to SRB, Sri Lankan Journal of Management, the late Professor Uditha Liyanage, Ph.D.

Feeding of people from the farm to the fork

“We like to say our goal is to be helpful in the feeding of people from the farm to the fork … or from the countryside to the chopsticks, but no one is doing that as completely as you…”

Source: the late Dr. Tom Haggai, former Chairman of IGA on his visit to Cargills in May 2010


Cargills is honoured to have won the SLIM KANTAR People's Award for 'Supermarket Brand of the Year' for the second consecutive year. As the largest food retailer in the country, Cargills Food City has become a household brand trusted by millions of Sri Lankans. The award is a reflection of the brands’ continuous commitment to customers, suppliers, producers, vendors, and team members.


Cargills was recognized as one of the Top Ten Most Admired Companies of Sri Lanka 2021

Cargills Earns The Prestige Of Being One Of The Top 10 Most Admired Companies Of Sri Lanka

Cargills (Ceylon) PLC was recognized as One of the Top 10 Most Admired Companies of Sri Lanka at the annual Most Admired Companies Awards ceremony organized by the International Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka (ICCSL), the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and Daily FT.


Cargills FoodCity Crowned Peoples FMCG Retail Brand of the Year 2021

Cargills FoodCity wins the SLIM Nielsen People's FMCG Retail Brand of the Year! Thank you for your continuous support!

Cargills,Sri Lanka’s Leading Retailer And Food Manufacturer, recognized at the Slim Restart Resilience Awards

Cargills was recognized at the SLIM Restart Resilience Awards 2020 Ceremony in the Service Sector Large Organization category on the 22nd of January. This was in recognition of the outstanding efforts of Cargills towards withstanding and overcoming the challenges resulting from the pandemic and continuing to serve the needs of the Sri Lankan people.