MAGIC in Name, MAGIC in Taste

If it’s real ice cream, it’s MAGIC! With dairy ice cream made purely from the finest Sri Lankan fresh milk, we at Cargills revolutionized the ice cream industry in the island. Regardless of the time and season, there’s some MAGIC in ice cream that we can always turn to. After all, true ice cream lovers never give away the obsession of indulging in some flavorsome ice cream.

We have become a household name in Sri Lanka for providing consumers with premium dairy ice cream that exceeds expectations of just great taste. The thick rich texture of MAGIC that tantalizes taste buds is truly one of a kind, making any event or experience an exciting one. MAGIC continues to stay true to its name to this day by providing a plethora of options to suit any occasion or mood. While gaining a reputation as one of the most innovative brands of ice cream, MAGIC stands out as the sole producer of a complete collection of Fruit n Nut ice creams in the island.

MAGIC That Keeps on Giving

We, at Cargills take great pride in possessing modern state of the art production facilities that complement our passion for innovation and quality. Amongst the latest additions to our magical array of decadent flavours is our Caramel Bar; a mouthwateringly indulgent layer of caramel laid on a bar of smooth Vanilla ice cream wrapped in a layer of delightful chocolate.

Strengthening Farming Communities and the Dairy Industry With MAGIC

MAGIC is underpinned by a philosophy that aims to strengthen farming communities. Our aim is not only to contribute to Sri Lanka’s self-sufficiency in fresh milk, but also towards the health and nourishment of her people. Our continued investments in the local dairy industry help us achieve just that.

Supplementing an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, our dedication to uplifting the lives and livelihoods of local dairy farming communities ensures that millions of consumers in the country continue to be able to indulge in a truly magical experience. This, and more, is what makes MAGIC Sri Lanka’s No. 1 dairy ice cream brand.

Contact Information

Saranga Wijesundara

Chief Operating Officer

Nimal Gunarathna

General Manager

Thamal De Silva

Marketing Manager – Dairy