Strike Gold With Goldi

Regardless of the time and place, in Goldi, we have introduced the ideal mood-setting dish for any family gathering. It sets the tone for smiles aplenty. Be it on a hectic weeknight or an activity-packed weekend, making it the go-to dish to make some quality family time even more memorable. The Goldi range brings the best of taste while appreciating essential nutritional values making it a great quick-fix meal for the time-challenged housewife.

From sausages to bacon, Goldi dishes not only satisfies every family member, the nutrition enriched meal also helps in bringing out their best and true potential at work or at school.

The Family-Friendly Mood-Setter

Cargills’ state of the art factory in Ja-Ela accredited with ISO 9001: 2016 for Quality Management, ISO 14001: 2016 for Environment Management and ISO 22000:2018 for Food Safety Management is manned and supervised by qualified, trained personnel, to ensure that the ingredients, raw materials and packaging materials meet the strictest safety and quality standards 24X7.

Contact Information

Mahinda Ganepola

Consultant/Head of Operations

Maljini Jayasekera

Group Manager Marketing

Asitha Ranwala

Sales Manager