Kist continued to reach out to our local farmers when they needed us the most.

Despite the various challenges faced by our farmers and customers, we continued reaching out to both, our farmers and customers through fruit purchasing from local fruit farmers & also by distributing your favourite Kist food requirements while maintaining the safety distance to make sure that you are safe at home with all what you need.

  • We lended a helping hand to uplift our farmers who were finding it difficult to find a market to sell their product at a good price during this epidemic. We, at Kist, helped them out by purchasing an excess amount of fruit crops, showing our stance of solidarity with them at all times.

  • We efficiently used our technological competencies to benefit the community as a whole. With our special storage facility of aseptic packaging technology at the Kist factory, we were able to purchase an excess amount of fruits from local farmers to keep them fresh with us without adding any preservatives during the off season.
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