Sustainability Strategy

From a single seed in a farmer's field to a dinner table halfway across Sri Lanka Cargills brings ideas together to help satisfy our nation's needs. To get there, we collaborate with customers to create better products and services, streamline supply chains, save energy, reduce costs and move goods to every corner of Sri Lanka. We help farmers get higher yields from fewer acres, and store crops so they have greater flexibility in marketing their harvest. We give back to the communities where we do business through continuous efforts to improve nutrition, health and education, and protect natural resources. Every day, Cargills nourishes people and ideas-in both expected and unexpected ways.

Our sustainability strategy is making social responsibility an integral part of everything we do. It is a Company-wide commitment that channels our expertise and knowledge to create sustainable value for every direct and indirect stakeholder we touch. Three commitments anchor the many programmes, projects and initiatives that Cargills takes on.

- Reducing the Cost of Living
- Enhancing youth skills
- Bridging regional disparity


Our Vision

To be a Global Corporate Role Model in Community - Friendly National Development.


Our Mission

Serve the Rural Community, our Customers and all other stakeholders through our core business - food with love - and other related businesses, based on our three main principles of;

  • Reducing the cost of living

  • Enhancing youth skills

  • Bridging regional disparities

by enhancing local and global markets.


Our Values


Customer focused - Focused on customer delight

Accountable - An accountable and responsible corporate citizen

Respect - Respecting our culture, our country and the law

Green - Bringing our business in line with 'Green' concepts of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

I nnovative - Consistently innovative to ensure our core principles resonate in our business

Love - Spreading and winning Love through food

Lead - Leading Corporate thinking and strategy

Serve the nation - Ultimately serving Sri Lanka true to our promise of being the "Pride of the Nation"