Sarubima (Good Earth)

Established by Cargills (Ceylon) PLC in 2008 at Thanamalwila, the Cargills Sarubima Fund aims to support the farming community for their untiring efforts towards growing our country's economy. For every kilogram of fruit and vegetables as well as every litre of milk we source from local farmers, we add 50 cents to the Fund. Since we source 120,000 kilograms of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as 120,000 litres of milk every day, this money has now developed into a substantial amount and continues to be utilised for the empowerment of local farming communities.

With this, we extend knowledge and expertise to farmers on the latest agricultural methods and transportation while educating them on how to reduce wastage. We also recognize farmers who excel with awards. Since our intention is to uplift not only farmers, but their families and communities, we reach out to their children too. We select children who display academic proficiency at Grade Five Scholarship, G.C.E. Advanced Level, Universities and vocational trainings and offer them scholarships to encourage them to study further.