Albert A. Page Institute of Food Business (AAPI)

The Albert A. Page Institute (AAPI) of Food Business was established in 2006 in response to the needs of young Sri Lankans from rural areas. As Cargills expanded its presence in regional Sri Lanka it understood the true potential of rural youth who were either under-employed or unemployed due to the lack of professional skills. On the other hand, the value derived to our economy from unskilled labor employed overseas is significant. Unskilled migrant labor sourced largely from rural Sri Lanka draws the highest foreign exchange earnings to the country. This further encouraged Cargills to work towards the capacity-building of rural youth.

AAPI has developed a series of certificate and diploma programmes aimed at creating opportunity for career advancement in the food and manufacturing sector. The Certificate programs develop the various basic skills required to become effective and efficient executives. The courses are designed to cater to all sectors of Food Marketing, encompassing Operations, Manufacturing, Support Services, Sales and Distribution and Central Warehouse as well as Agri – Business. The advanced certificate courses for Managerial Skills Development have been designed considering all the aspects of Organizational needs of Technical, Human and Conceptual skills which are crucial elements of becoming an effective and efficient Executive aligned with today’s competitive and dynamic business environment. Once students acquire the Advanced Certificate they have the option of enhancing the certification to a Diploma.

AAPI Vision

To be a premier professional educational institute that contributes to the stability and growth of human resources in the food business

AAPI Mission

Enhance skills and expertise in the food Manufacturing, Marketing, Retailing, Food service, Food Safety, or Food Business with internationally recognized qualifications