Go Green

Cargills always figured that putting people before products just made good common sense. So far, it's been working out for us. Our relationships with farmers yield the highest quality of rice, milk, fruits and vegetables. The connections we make in communities create a loyal following. And the support we provide our suppliers pays off everyday.
Now Cargills wants to take our business to the next level via its Green Business program as part of its larger corporate strategy.

Commitment to a Green Business
Through the "Green Business" programme Cargills is committed to minimizing its environmental impacts throughout our entire supply chain, from the farm to the trolley. Cargills is also committed to a role of environmental leadership in all facets of our business. We will fulfill this mission by a commitment to:

  • Understanding of environmental issues and sharing information with our partners (employees, customers and suppliers)

  • Developing innovative and flexible solutions to bring about change.

  • Striving to buy, sell and use environmentally friendly products.

  • Instilling environmental responsibility as a corporate value.

  • Measuring and monitoring our progress for each project.

  • Encouraging all partners to share in our mission.