Empowering Farmers

Empowering farmers is a commitment that embodies the heart and soul of Cargills and stems from our commitment to bridging regional disparity. Providing nutrition to our people makes us direct partners of the thousands of farmers across Sri Lanka. Each year, Cargills works directly with hundreds of thousands of farmers to help increase their productivity, thereby helping to raise their standard of living and our access to quality raw materials. Our activities include training farmers on best practices in crop and animal agriculture; providing credit, inputs, transport and infrastructure for farmers and cooperatives; establishing fair and transparent pricing policies; and increasing access to markets.

Community Development Funds

At Cargills a relationship we establish with farmers is a bond we have with the fields they sow, the families they nurture, the communities they live in and the schools where their children learn. So we have initiated farmer community development funds where one rupee is given back to the village against kilogram of vegetables purchased from our farmers. This fund is used to provide scholarships for needy children from the community, to provide resources for learning and advancement, to meet basic community needs such as utility connections. Our focus is to engage the communities that work with us to charter their own course of development.