Freshness and goodness in a jar

Kist is unique offering from Cargills Agrifood, all of its products range combines the richness of traditional recipes with the goodness of fresh produce. The unique taste, its availability and affordability make it a quintessential item in any Sri Lankan kitchen.
This range includes traditional recipes such as chutneys, treacle, coconut vinegar, sambols, chilli paste, golden syrup, mustard paste and other condiments that compliment the exotic Sri Lankan cuisine.
Sourced from the finest fresh produce and supplies from well-known farmers throughout Sri Lanka, KIST also encompasses jams, sauces, cordials, nectars and juices. Our factory meets the highest internationally accepted standards and keeps to be best practices. The factory meets SLS standards, ISO, and CODEX which governs quality.

Kist Jam range offers a delicious selection of natural flavours from Mixed fruit, Woodapple, Mango, Pineapple to Real Strawberry jam with real fruit chunks. Kist jam is enriched with Vitamin A and fortified with Vitamin D3. The range ensures you receive the goodness of real fruit with essential vitamins.
Kist juices are known for its 100% fruit concentrate and comes in four variants - Orange, Grape, Apple and Green apple. Kist juices do not contain any trace of preservatives since Tetra packaging technology secure the product. The juices come in cartons of 1ltr and 200ml and do not have added colour, flavour or sugar, making it one of the most sought after brands of fresh juice in the country.
Kist sauce come in both spicy and sweet taste ranging from Tomato, Tomato Ketchup, Chilli, Hot chilli, Chilli and garlic, Sweet and Sour, Mango BBQ, Oyster and Devilled sauce. Four tablespoons of Kist tomato sauces is equivalent to the nutritional value of one ripe, medium tomato.
The best way to experience your favourite tropical fruits regardless of the season is through Kist nectar. There are single flavoured nectars and taste twists such as Mango, Mixed fruit, Woodapple, Orange, Passion, Apple, Guava (pink), Mango & Passion, Orange & Mango, Lemon & Mint, Strawberry & Mango.
Fun fruit Nectar is the affordable, healthy fruit beverage choice with 25% fruit content. We also have offered a less in sugar range called Kist funfruit Nectar Lite’


Buddhisha Herath
Chief Operating Officer - CAF & CQC