Cargills Quality Foods - CQF

Cargills Quality Foods, a fully owned subsidiary of Cargills (Ceylon) PLC, is the holding company of several food manufacturing companies, a marketing and distribution company and a food servicing company holding the KFC franchise.

CQF is proud to have introduced the highest standards of food production and innovation nurturing strong national brands such as "Cargills Magic", "Kotmale", "Cargills Kist", "Cargills Supremo", "Cargills Finest", etc. CQF also holds the Sri Lanka franchise for the internationally renowned quick-service restaurant chain KFC. Millers Distributors is the marketing and distribution operation under CQF reaching over 40,000 retailers island wide. All CQF national brands are manufactured in modern production facilities which are accredited with ISO and SLS standards.

Cargills Quality Foods is presently diversifying its interests in the food sector having recently acquired several businesses such as Kotmale Holdings PLC and Diana Manufactures (Pvt) Ltd into its portfolio. Through this continued expansion drive CQF aims to meet the aspirations and needs of Sri Lankans across the board. The Company strives to enhance quality of life by offering tastier, healthier and more affordable food and beverage choices encouraging a healthy, vibrant and economical way of life.