Agri Business

Cargills' mission is to serve rural community, mass customer base and all other stakeholders. It reaches this cherished mission by enhancing youth skills, bridging regional disparities and reducing cost of living. Cargills agri-business model links farmers to markets. It purchases a wide variety of farm produce directly from small land holders. By eliminating middle men, Cargills is able to minimize transaction costs. Resultant savings are passed on to farmers on the one end and consumers on the other. Its business model guarantees a minimum price that is at least 20% above the estimated production costs. By bringing markets to some 10,000 famers, Cargills has contributed significantly in reducing distress sales during the time of glut. This has helped in alleviating rural poverty; reducing thereby general disenchantment to farming as an enterprise.

Agribusiness, as is well known, involves trade of food production in all its aspects. From that angle it includes farming, seed supply, agrichemicals, farm machinery, wholesaling and distribution, processing, storing, marketing, trade and retailing. Currently, Cargills Agri-business focuses on direct produce purchase from the farmers, processing and retailing. Its future plans on agri-business will follow an end-to-end approach. It means Cargills, besides facilitating direct market access to farmers, would also concentrate on the development of farmer and farming. In that pursuit Cargills will undertake up-skilling farmers' knowledge and know-how through training and would make certain supply of high quality seeds and agrichemicals.

Following is the listing of future key programs of the Agri-business Division;

  • Supporting sustainable livelihoods through processing and value addition of horticultural crops

  • Modernization of cultivation of underutilized crops to raise farm income and support manufacture of healthy and nutritious snacks/foods

  • Testing, identification and introduction of superior hybrids of vegetables to enhance productivity and profitability

  • Fish processing in all its aspects

  • Resuscitating income and employment opportunities through improved passion fruit cultivation, pest management and efficient application of irrigation water.

  • Upgrading fruit and vegetable collection centers as farm advisory and preliminary produce processing centers.