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KFC and Pepsi in a match-wining partnership take Sri Lanka Cricket Frenzy to Fever Pitch!

3/19/2015 12:00:00 AM   

KFC - Sri Lanka and Pepsi, the official global partner of the ICC Cricket World Cup are drumming up the tempo and turning up World Cup heat with their ongoing promotion. This promotion has already picked one lucky winner to travel to the ICC World Cup Semi Finals in New Zealand!

The promotion gives all KFC lovers a chance to win instant prizes as well. KFC lovers simply have to dig into the delicious KFC Pepsi Combo Meal comprised of 02 pieces of Hot and Crispy Chicken, 06 pieces of Hot Drumlets with 02 refreshing Pepsi drinks.

Maljini Jayasekera, Group Manager - Marketing, Cargills (Ceylon) PLC said, 'KFC lovers can also win some stunning ICC Cricket World Cup merchandise from Pepsi including branded Fan T-shirts and Caps. The Grand Winner Mr. M. R. M. Ifharm of KFC Union place will be watching the 1st Semi Final in New Zealand with accommodation and tickets provided by the kind courtesy of KFC and Pepsi.'

Jayasekera added, 'KFC is delighted to be the exclusive partner of Pepsi, the official global partner of the World Cup. Together, we have made this wonderful promotion a possibility for our customers. This is a match winning partnership of great tasting freshly prepared KFC chicken with the always refreshing and vibrant Pepsi. Both, international brands are ready to give Sri Lankan Cricket fans a truly international Cricket experience.'

The KFC-Pepsi joint promotion continues till the 31st of March with fans able to win Pepsi cricket merchandise with the KFC Pepsi combo meal.

KFC Sri Lanka is Sri Lanka’s only Quick-Service-Restaurant that serves fresh food, prepared and cooked individually at Restaurants by trained chefs.