Kist Knuckles bottled water comes to you from the pristine mountain range of “Knuckles” nestled in the central heartland of Sri Lanka, the paradise isle of the Indian ocean. The mountain range takes it name from its similarity to a clenched fist. Known as Dumbara hills in folklore the Knuckles is traced in annals as the settlement of the pre-historic Yaksha tribe. The range is considered the richest watershed in Sri Lanka and once served as the source of pure drinking water for the Kandyan Royal Family based in the hill country capital city. Kist Knuckles water is bottled at source to retain all natural elements the water from the pristine mountain is historically renowned for.

The rivers Hulu Ganga, Heen Ganga and Kalu Ganga commence from Knuckles while the source of the richest tributary of Sri Lanka's longest river Mahaweli is traced to the range. The hills are a natural laboratory with a wide variety of flora and fauna many of which are endemic to the island. The indigenous communities of Knuckles lead simple untouched lives sustained on agriculture. They take pride in their natural habitat which has been fiercely safeguarded by their ancestors and passed on as the most precious legacy of their community.

Quality and Food Safety Standards

Kist Knuckles water is certified by the Ministry of Health. KIST KNUCKLES Confirms to SLS 894:2003 UDC 663.64.059 & is certified by Industrial Technology Institute ITI. Ongoing assessments are carried out to ensure SLS standards are adhered to. Fully fledged laboratory facilities are available for internal testing. KIST bottles are manufactured of food grade virgin Poly Ethylene Terephthalate. Safety seal (PVC Shrink sleeve ) is printed with food grade ink.

KIST KNUCKLES – Quality Assured


Keerthi Gunasekara
Group Manager

Buddhisha Herath
Director Sales FMCG sector

Sanjeewa Fernando
Deputy General Manager