Providing Affordable Nutrition &

Goodness for the Nation

We provide the nation with the safest, freshest produce essential
for a nutritional balance that ensures healthy living.

Building a Foundation for

Structured Education to
Create Thought Leaders

We want to build a foundation for the next generation of thought leaders and provide
them the opportunities to prepare for the future through a strong education.

Creating Leaders &

Building Careers

We invest in the futures of our employees by giving them
an environment to develop and grow into the best version of themselves.

Uplifting the Lives of the People with

Accessible Finance

We act as a catalyst for positive change with banking innovations
that meets the needs of the community.

Every Day, We Strive To Realize Your Dreams

We, at Cargills strive to uplift the livelihoods of the people, with a commitment to build a better Sri Lanka, which stems from our core values as a responsible food company. This is the Cargills vision.

An Overview Of Our Business Categories

Goodness through

Quality in
Processed Meat

Nourishing the
Nation with Dairy

Experience Freshness
through our Beverages

Largest Footprint
in Modern Retail

Popular & International

Financial Services that
are Accessible to All

Exceptional Range
of Confectionaries